Greenplast windows and doors manufactured with uPVC, as a substitute, are best alternative for wood and aluminium because of their features like high structural strength, high energy efficient, lightweight, recyclable, termite proof, washable, dust proof, sound proof, corrosion and UV resistant. The longevity and superior quality of this material has been conclusively proved for almost 40 years.

Together with Kommerling, German Technology & Profile Partner, Greenplast window systems are designed as per Indian tropical conditions. Koemmerling is the brand with a tradition within the Profine Group, having started the extrusion of window profiles since 1967. Besides aesthetic viewpoints, these include peak technical & physical performance values and an extremely long life while at the same time requiring minimum care and maintenance.

Particulars Wood Steel/ Aluminium uPVC Windows
Maintenance Require regular Painting & Polishing Nil Nil
Corrosion Termite & Rot Attacks Corrosive No Corrosion or Termite Attacks
Weather Proofing Leaks & Droughts Leaks, Droughts & Wind Rattle No Leaks, No Droughts, No Rattle, Self- Draining
Sound Proofing Average Subject to Wind Noise Poor Subject to all noises Excellent Sound Proofing
Ease of Operation Difficult if not maintained Not Smooth Smooth/ Easy Gliding Action
Insect Screen Optional Optional or Included Included with Sliding, Many options
Warranty None None 10 years
Termite Proof Affected by termites, extreme un-repairable damages to wood Affected by Fungi No Harm
Water Resistance Water Causes extreme un-repairable damages to wood 80% - 90 % No Harm
Surface Quality Requires regular up keeping Anodizing wears out and Corrosion sets it. The surface quality is maintained throughout its useful life.
Thermal Insulation Fair Poor being a metal it has a poor thermal insulation, and high thermal conductivity. Very good, Heat losses are reduced due to wider profile depth & multi chamber section & Low K value.
Fire Properties Poor Excellent Excellent
Dimensional Accuracies Fair Poor, they are fabricated locally, hence poor quality and non uniformity Excellent, they are factory produced on sophisticated machine hence offer uniform quality control.
Conservation of Energy - Require 7.5 times the energy than that required to manufacture UPVC. Excellent
Preservation of Natural Forest Wealth Poor Excellent Excellent
Durability Good Good Much stronger due to steel reinforcement profile.
Warping Can Wrap Can Wrap Will not warp, last for a life time.
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